The Redemption of Thomas Gordon – Part III

As the ambulance slowly drove off, Thomas noticed a white pigeon fly over the vehicle carrying the lifeless body of Miss Betty.  Thomas thought that was strange.  Most of the pigeons he saw around town were ring-neck pigeons.  To make this even more peculiar, this pigeon has a small red dot, almost like a blood spatter on it’s left wing.  It was flying that low.  He thought there was some significance in this scene.  Maybe it was a kindly pigeon saying farewell for the peanuts that Miss Betty would feed them from time to time.  Jack was amazed by the sight.  “Look at that pigeon, Thomas.  Ain’t that something?  He’s saying goodbye to Miss Betty,” Jack said.  Thomas smiled at his little friend.  What would become of Jack if something happened to him, Thomas thought.  Thomas was amazed he had survived the past three years on the streets.  At least, that is what Jack told them.  Jack got confused a lot.  Numbers, time, even colors confused him. In his world, they just didn’t have much relevance.  Hence, his inability to hold a job or seek gainful employment.  He needed medical help like many, if not all of the homeless people in Louisville.  Jack was small, weak-minded and far, far too trusting of people.  He didn’t have any possessions when Thomas came into the community.  He now has a tarp, cart and warm blankets due to Thomas.  Everyone knew to leave Jack alone.  They had preyed on little Jack for the last time.  “What say we go to the Salvation Army to see if we can find some blankets for tonight.  It’s supposed to get down in the twenties tonight. The blankets you have now are showing a little wear and tear,” Thomas said to Jack.  “That sounds good to me, Thomas.  You take care of me good, don’t you, Thomas? I will remember that down in the twenties means it is cold and that is bad,” said the innocent little homeless man.  Jack had the body of of a man approximately in his mid-thirties and the mind of a ten year old boy.  “That’s very good,  Jack.  You remember that.  Now, let’s go see what they got,” Jack said.

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The Redemption Of Thomas Gordon – Part II

Thomas sat back down on the wire crate he had been sitting on prior to his brief encounter with Dallas.  He watched Dallas gather all his belongings and place them in a shopping cart he had taken from a local merchant.  Shopping carts are a must item for the homeless.  You can’t live without them just as most people can’t live without a car in the normal world.  Thomas watched Dallas slowly gather what he had and started back down the sidewalk to his next homeless community.  Thomas felt a bit of sympathy for Dallas, as strange as that may sound.  Like so many homeless people, Dallas had psychological problems.  It was true that most were alcoholics and drug addicts whose families could no longer deal with them.  But, state mental health facilities had failed most of the people Thomas had met in his time on the streets.  It was a sad commentary on healthcare in America.  For his part, Thomas lived this way because he didn’t want to bring any further shame and embarrassment to his family.  He tried living with his brother three years ago.  That lasted about 48 hours after he had a run-in with his sister-in-law.  Maybe, just maybe he should try living on the terms of others instead of his own for a change.  His anti-social behavior had been a problem all his life.  “Thomas, you want to walk over to the Mission House with me?  They be having vegetable soup and bologna sandwiches today.  That’s my favorite, ya know?” said Jack, his only true friend in the community.  Thomas smiled up at his slow-minded friend.  “Sure, Jack, I’ll walk over with you.  Just give me a minute to load up,” said Thomas.

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The Redemption Of Thomas Gordon – Part I

Thomas Gordon was having a tough day. Well, let’s just be honest, every day was a tough day for Thomas Gordon.  Being homeless is not just a day to day struggle.  It is an hour to hour, minute to minute struggle.  Fending off poachers who want to steal your meager belongings is a constant battle and worry.  Going  somewhere when nature calls, you have to take everything you own with you.  Some people in the homeless community will slit your throat over a can of vienna sausage.  In fact, Thomas Gordon had seen that take place just two months prior.  It’s bad enough fighting the heat of summer and the bone chilling winters of Louisville, Kentucky.  But, the constant fight to maintain a form of shelter from the elements was nerve wracking to say the least.  Thomas was accustomed to the homeless life.  Having been homeless for the past eight years, since his release from prison and then six months in a halfway house, Thomas knew who he could trust in the homeless community and who he could not.  The latter was a long list of names.  One of the names, on that long list, was a man known simply as “Dallas.”  It was Dallas who was responsible for his long day.  It wasn’t even noon and Dallas had already started two arguments with Thomas about a raincoat that he said belonged to him.  Thomas wasn’t having any of that.  It was a common tactic, among the homeless, to make false claims on property.  The strong would prevail in times such as this.  The weak would lose.  The survival of the fittest was in play here as it is in the animal kingdom.  Only these were human beings involved in the lowest common denominator of life.

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He Was Just A Soldier – Part V

Mike started following the buxom brunette back to her old Jeep Liberty when warning bells went off in his head.  Something wasn’t right.  His instincts saved him many times in his life.  He looked around to see if he was walking into some sort of ambush.  That was another instinct that saved him many times in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Something just didn’t feel right to Mike Barnett.  “You know, honey, on second thought, I don’t want to do this.  I’m willing to pay you for your time.  Just tell me how much you charge,” Mike said.  “Ooooh, are you scared of little old me, honey?  The only thing that might hurt you are these 42DDs.  I promise not to knock you over the head with them.  I can make this quick and very enjoyable.  Come on, honey.  I can tell you need this”, said the ultra sexy brunette.  Mike hesitated.  Those warning bells were still going off in his head.  But, it wasn’t the head on his neck he was thinking with at that moment.  She opened the rear passenger door for Mike as he looked nervously inside the car.  Convinced she didn’t have somebody in there waiting to take him out, Mike got into the SUV.  “What’s your name?  Not that it matters.  I’m just curious,” Mike said.  As the brunette closed the door behind them, she reached for her purse, as she appeared to be looking for a condom.  “My friends call me Linda.  You can just call me Smith and Wesson,” said the brunette as she aimed a .357 at Mike.  Shit….I should have just kept my ass in bed, Mike wearily thought.

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He Was Just A Soldier – Part IV

After his interview, Mike Barnett was escorted out of the newsroom as quickly as possible.  It seemed the show’s producer wanted him out of the newsroom to keep Gerald from having a coronary.  Mike thought the interview wasn’t as bad as Gerald was making it out to be as he could hear him yelling about being “…ambushed by this guy.”  Oh well…maybe next time Gerald will do some research before going into an interview with half-ass questions.  Mike decided to check his cell for messages before getting into his car.  He had three from Denise, his ex-wife, and one from  Bill Ladeen, his sales manager at the dealership.  Mike decided to face the music from his ex first before being blasted by his sales manager.  He had grown tired of Bill’s condescending ways.  It was all Mike could do to not grab the little weasel by the throat and slam his head against the wall.  “Denise?  What do you want? What are you talking about?  Oh, come off of it….I don’t care if Gerald is a popular TV personality or not.  He is a dumbass among other things…I’ll have to explain it to the girls. Don’t worry about it.  Look, as long as you get my child support payments, you have no say in what I do in my life.  If I get fired, so what?  That’s still not your problem.  Well, get the little shit that’s banging you to take you to….hello?”  Mike started to throw the cell into the street he was so mad at Denise.   To hell with her, I better go face the weasel at the dealership now, Mike thought.

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